In days gone by, radio broadcasters reserved the airwaves for those who possessed booming baritone voices and corporate backing to finance their show. It was very difficult for newcomers, intent on getting their voices heard, to break into a broadcasting field dominated by FM music and AM talk stations. As with so many things in the digital age, the Internet has changed everything. Today local radio comprises only a slim portion of all the listening content available.

Enter podcasting. Podcasts are nothing more than recorded  audio (or video) files made available through a digital broadcasting medium. With just a click listeners anywhere in the world can download their favorite shows, subscribe to future episodes and enjoy the content on any digital media device or through their car’s digital dashboards. Podcasting is personal radio — the kind the broadcast industry flirted with early in its history and abandoned. Some compare it to the short, block radio programming popular in the 50’s and 60’s only better. It’s radio – updated for short attention spans, mobile devices and the more eclectic interests of the youth audience.

I’ve been wrong more than once, however as a seasoned broadcast professional with an extensive background in education based healthcare marketing I’d bet on podcasting becoming the perfect next media for physicians. View the latest podcast consumption  statistics compiled by Arbitron – Edison Research here:

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