Why Podcast?

1. Podcasting builds your brand without jeopardizing your professional reputation. Podcasts educate and establish credibility with consumers who say they no longer pay attention to or even trust traditional media advertising. Your podcast enables you to impart valuable information that helps prospective patients understand their options and make better decisions.

2. Podcasting offers you an opportunity to engage regularly with consumers who are likely to connect with your practice because they are listening by choice. Your personal podcast allows you to build meaningful relationships with listeners who have a genuine and often personal interest in what you have to say. The advice you offer is what they remember when deciding who to turn to.

3. Podcasting is not only concerned with getting the word out but also receiving a response back. Your podcast makes it easy for prospective patients to interact with you. Podcasts also establish a relationship of trust and credibility with listeners and position you as a knowledgeable leader in your field.

4. Millions of potential new podcast consumers are being created annually as new digital media devices and digital dashboards are pressed into service. Based on recent data compiled by Edison Research it’s estimated there are over 260,000 consumers locally who listen regularly to podcasts.

5. It’s convenient for prospective clients and referring physicians to listen to your podcast on the fly. They have the option of listening on any device whenever and wherever they choose.

6. Podcasts may be permanently linked to your website. With well over 80% of consumers conducting searches online your podcast is another digital feature that ties your practice together across all of the web’s search engines and directories.

7. Podcasting bests radio where radio used to excel – in personalized communications. The unappreciated (or at least little appreciated) advantage of podcasting is the “live-read” potential of knowledgeable healthcare professionals whispering in the ear of eager consumers.

8. Far and away one of the best reasons is that the next generation is used to stopping, starting, deleting and time delaying its content. The iPod to Gen Y is what the Walkman radio was to Gen X or the transistor radio was to baby boomers. Gen Y doesn’t need – or like – the concept of having content broadcast to them.

9. Apple’s new stand-alone podcast app is poised to turn podcasting into a mainstream media. Read what USA Today has to say about the new Apple app here; usatoday.com/tech/news/story/201…Many predict this app, will become to podcasting what iTunes is to music downloading.

10. Podcasts are viral. You have no idea who’s listening, where in the world they are going to go and who will contact you as a result.

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